“Design is an opportunity to tell a story.”

MyHaiku #38

Slowly we unfold,
The sounds of people talking,
We all are stories,

MyHaiku #61

A morning rainfall,
Playing notes upon the leaves,
Reframing questions,

MyHaiku #65

Brushed across the sky,
An evening’s dusky palette,
Nature deftly paints,

MyHaiku #49

Keep crafting the mind,
With infinite potential,
There is always fruit,

MyHaiku #50

Savouring the time,
Exploring the familiar,
With eyes wide open,

MyHaiku #57

Opening anew,
Flowers bathing in the light,
The first day of June,

MyHaiku #69

Feed the morning breeze,
Weaving stories brushing cheeks,
Pared down to the seeds,

MyHaiku #22

Stillness in the sky,
Distant glow of evening light,
Nighttime reflections,