This is a quote I came across a few years ago, while flipping the pages of a book I’d been drawn to.
It was after a meeting at The Photographers’ Gallery, about a possible next step with regards to work.
Whether it was a case of Carl Jung’s Synchronicity (something I should really read more about before referring to it), I’m not sure, but it certainly had resonance.

It’s commonly attributed to Anais Nin, but recently, & more correctly it seems, to Elizabeth Appell
Having seen it so many times since, I’m amazed I’d never come across it before then.

I live next to a park, & at the entrance there’s a short corridor of blossom trees.
So, a few months later, as Spring arrived, I went to take some photographs of them in full bloom.
It was around this time that I’d decided to produce my own collection.
Initially inspired by experiences, feelings… moments.
I wanted to represent the quote in some way, to integrate it, via the photographs, into my first collection.

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect, but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity.
The creative mind plays with the object it loves.”
Carl Jung.

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