“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement” : Helen Keller.

I first met Christian many moons ago when he started dating a good friend of mine. And due to a strangely uncanny parallel addiction to collecting magazines – from the world of fashion and design – an initial bond was created that still endures. We manage the occasional culture day; absorbing exhibitions for inspiration.
He’s introduced me to more people than I could possibly remember, and always with a wonderful sense of pride and enthusiasm. Claire Nathan; who photographed Christian’s portrait above, being a perfect example.
An effortless connector. Least he makes it seem that way!

From my early rumblings about ‘taking the leap’ a few years ago, he’d always been amazingly supportive; totally in tune with his absolute optimism. It was natural then, that when the day came and the final samples were ready, Christian would be taking shots!

He rolled up on the morning with a boot full of kit. The lights, the camera and lenses, his assistant Joel, the backdrop… and mindful of positivity.

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