I’ve been fortunate during the creation of my collection to be able to work with more than one factory. In the pursuit of enduring quality, Fiorangelo introduced Calzaturficio Clara to my world.

Once the introductions were done, and the espresso drank, we sat down to review. The craftspeople at Clara had finished the final samples beautifully. Even though my Italian language is basic, I could still sense the passion for shoemaking. It shows in the way they hold a shoe, with respect. Paying attention to the details, and the dedication to get things right. Between the two, they’ve provided the ideal complimentary elements of craftsmanship and attention to detail, to achieve a beautifully crafted shoe.

A lasting pin; crucial to making shoes by hand.  Marcello with the post in action.

Clara is only a few miles from the beach… just outside the seaside town of Civitinova Marche.
A town which has a familiar feel to it.
I was born by the sea; maybe that’s why.

Assunta and Fabrizio

Witnessing your own designs being crafted in front of your eyes is a proud moment, mixed with a feeling of excitement and possibility. Especially when they are being created with such care, passion and finesse. It makes it all the more special. They are in good hands.

Thank you Clara.

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