It’s all about the experience. The experience of temptation; the patience and anticipation.
The experience of beautiful shoes.
Influenced by the world of music, I loved that sense of discovery when, more than a few years ago,
I bought music on vinyl. Absorbing the artwork on the cover while music played.
Reading through the lyrics on the inner sleeve, the credits on the reverse side.
It was all part of the experience.
The artwork sometimes as cherished as the music itself.
It’s these sensations I wanted to convey in my shoe box.
It had to be a particular size and shape;
exactly the same dimensions, albeit deeper, as a vinyl album cover.
The product to slide out.
I needed to find someone who would accommodate my ideas;
someone as local to the shoe factory as possible.
And hand-made would be wonderful!
If you’re following what feels right for you, it’s amazing what you come across.
Mogliani was already a client of Fiorangelo’s.
Riccardo told me a little about them and suggested I meet them.
“Andiamo!”; my Italian linguistics were improving.

Marika and Pamela

A short drive over the hills via Mogliano (a suitably named village to pass through) and I’m sitting in the office of Mogliani, with the boss; Andrea (pictured at the top of this post).
I present the inspiration, the concept… and he examines the design.
We discuss the possibilities… slowly piecing together the different elements of the box.
Delighted to discover that they make the boxes by hand.

Salvatore and Laura

Seeing your concept being brought to life by the hands of Andrea and his team is really quite special. The seamless flow between each other as the parts of the box come together, piece by piece, with a seemingly effortless finesse.
An honour.

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