He’ll be mildly annoyed that I can’t remember when we first met.
But to be fair to me, it’s just that I’ve known him so long…
he might have been at my birth.
He is a few months older than me, so it is physically possible – just not probable.
Because of this, and much much more, he’s like family to me…

And this website would barely exist without him.
It’s not just the setting up of the site, designing the logo,
laying out of the packaging, or the constant support…
but my appreciation of New Order’s music and
Peter Saville’s artwork for them
(one of which inspired elements to the packaging),
is down to him too.
He introduced me to it all back in the mid-eighties.
The iconic song and artwork for Blue Monday,
and the whole catalogue thereafter.

Nic was the first person I knew who took the leap to set up his own business,
way before entrepreneurship was de rigour…
just as the rest of us were heading off to college.

He has an amazing ability to make you laugh when you really don’t feel like laughing…
or when you really shouldn’t be!

And he’ll try to put you right when he thinks you’re barking up the wrong tree,
no matter how much you like that particular tree.

Suffice to say… he’s got a lot to answer for.

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