The choice of where and what we spend our money on
reflects the power of the purse.

When I decided to create my own line,
it was important to me to create a product with longevity,
something that people would cherish.
Something with meaning,
that would inspire awareness,
and respect.

And so, when it came to inspirations,
I looked for elements that I’d cherished for a long time too.
So that sense of connection over time,
would translate through in to the product.
And then that same feeling
would relay through to the customer.

The ‘Purse’ by Vladimir Kush;
is a print I bought at the very beginning of 2000,
was one of those elements for me.

Value to Align

When the day came,
to create my own line.
The feelings were right.
As was the time.

There were elements and values,
that I needed to be there.
Because it matters,
and because I care.

Longevity; an ingredient,
I felt must align.
Classical elegance,
with no sense of time.

Reverence; an awareness,
of love and respect.
In the mind, a moment
to pause and reflect.

The print that I’d bought,
in Lahaina, by the sea.
All those years ago,
had a resonance for me.

The power of the purse,
a reflection of choice
how money is spent
is in essence, a voice.

by Anthony Stoker

Print of Purse by Vladimir Kush shown at the top of the page.
Kush explains his work;
“The symbols of love and unity are inseparable from symbols of accumulation.
A couple’s destiny is sealed with a kiss
– a purse hemmed in gold provides eternal bliss.”

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