When the day came,
to create my own line.
The feelings were right.
As was the time.

There were elements and values,
that I needed to be there.
Because it matters,
and because I care.

Longevity; an ingredient,
I felt must align.
Classical elegance,
with no sense of time.

Reverence; an awareness,
of love and respect.
In the mind, a moment
to pause and reflect.

The print that I’d bought,
in Lahaina, by the sea.
All those years ago,
had a resonance for me.

The power of the purse,
a reflection of choice
how money is spent
is in essence, a voice.

by Anthony Stoker

Print of Purse by Vladimir Kush shown at the top of the page.
Kush explains his work; “The symbols of love and unity are inseparable from symbols of accumulation.
A couple’s destiny is sealed with a kiss – a purse hemmed in gold provides eternal bliss.”

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