Ho Chi Minh (City),
where do I begin? …

The trip was book-ended by the bar next to the hotel.
When I arrived, I’d noticed its name… “STOKER”.
I chuckled to myself over the serendipitous moment.
Where better to have a drink on the last night…

A fine array of liquor,
within glass of earthy tones.
An elegance, and a patience.
A home away from home.

Honoured by the passion to create them.
Poised, with a sense of pride.
No comparison between them.
Standing proudly side by side.

As I sat at the bar, with my Bourbon in a cut glass,
my mind wanders to the words of  Tom Waits’ song
albeit with the sound of Diana Krall’s voice;

“Rusted Brandy in a diamond glass, everything is made of dreams… “

The light glistens in the glass.
The flame flickers in the bowl.
The view from the end of the bar.
The sounds of Jazz… and Rock’n’Roll.

by Anthony Stoker

“Seek patience and passion in equal amounts.
Patience alone will not build the temple.
Passion one will destroy it’s walls.”
: Maya Angelou

photographs above taken at STOKER Woodfire Bar and Grill

Temptation Sandal – Black Calf and Gold Mirror Leather

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