Slender and poised,
while curvaceous and proud.
A spathe full of heart
provides an elegant shroud.

A prominent spadix,
with florets around.
Strikingly exotic
with passion avowed.

The Anthurium flower is long lasting.
And it’s not unusual for them to be
in almost continuous flower when well cared for.
Longevity is a quality to be admired.

photograph above taken of  ‘Garden of Eden’ by Vladimir Kush.

While the Anthurium has tropical origins in South America,
it’s Hawaii that has a central role to this letter.
The first one to appear there, so the story goes,
was via Samuel Mills Damon, in 1889.

He brought it from England and planted it in the gardens of his estate on Honolulu.

My first connection with the Anthurium also relates to Hawaii,
albeit the island of Maui.
It was there I first bought my first print by the artist Vladimir Kush.
The second Kush print; ‘Garden of Eden’, shown above, which I bought years later,
is inspired by the Anthurium, and the essence of love.

For meticulous examples of flora,
bathe in the absorbing imagery of Magda Indigo.
Especially this incredible selection of Anthurium.

Have a beautiful night.

by Anthony Stoker

“We’ve got this gift of love,
but love is like a precious plant…
You’ve got to keep watering it.
You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.”

: John Lennon

Anthuria Sandal – Black and Red Calf and Gold Mirror Leather

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