The first of August.
The start of a new month.

I like the word ‘anew’.
It has positive emotions.
And adds a sense of energy and enthusiasm to a moment.
That moment can feel refreshing.
It can also be seen as an act of courage.

A moment to appreciate,
the journey so far.
Everyone around you.
The who that you are.

The energy and inspiration
you project into the air.
The values that lay between us,
illustrates that which you care.

Positive affirmations
inspire the mind anew.
Align with an awareness.
With mindfulness too.

‘Reverence’  photographed by  Kashfi Halford

Three people to share with you…

My friend Anup is a creative director with an array of impressive work to his name.
At the moment, he’s generously sharing his advice to start-ups that need a hand understanding where to start with brand positioning.
You can contact Anup at

The Marketing Seminar with Seth Godin was an amazing experience,
and introduced me to some wonderful people.

Two of those people were JoAnn and Natalia.

JoAnn has courageously launched
An online space for women like her – a Gen X’er – to gather, share stories, connect and support each other in their careers.

And Natalia, who is launching a new programme called Fast Story Group.
For people who want to work on one urgent and important challenge with their business. Who are ready to take action and work on their story.

You can get in contact with Natalia at

Three. Wonderful. People.

If you get in touch, tell them I said Hi.

Have a beautiful day.

by Anthony Stoker

“Challenges are gifts
that force us to search
for a new centre of gravity.
Don’t fight them.
Just find a new way to stand”

: Oprah Winfrey

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