Back in late June I sat down at the Zedel
to absorb the latest in a string
of cherished evenings with WordTheatre.
They have dotted my diary,
with rarity,
over the last few years.

Each time wrapped up in literature.
Each time carried away with stories.
Exquisitely crafted evenings.
Collated, curated and directed by Cedering Fox.
And always delivered by an inspiring
and talented selection of actresses and actors.

This time, the central source of inspiration
came from Cedering’s mother;
the Swedish writer, poet and artist, Siv Cedering;
born just north of the Arctic Circle.

The sounds of Lizzie Ball on violin,
Pedro Segundo’s percussion,
and Bartosz Glowacki on the Accordion
lifted and lowered us, the audience,
carrying us on their chords…
setting us in the scene.

MyAnna Buring plunged us in to the depths
of Cedering’s stories of Sweden
and it’s landscape of human experience
with ‘The River’.
Her native tongue placing us, with such eloquence,
on the banks of the Kalix.

Bellamy Young followed with ‘After Good Night’,
with further stories delivered by
Jason Butler Harner, Michael Nouri and Ian Hart.
Taking us on a sensuous journey,
through Scandinavia,
of relationships,
of missed moments in time…
sometimes both combined.

Afterwards, inspired by the last story of the evening; ‘Northern Lights’,
I felt compelled to look up at the sky as I walked through the London streets
towards Victoria.
It was clear.
I could see the moon.

Not quite Aurora.
Still beautiful.

Stories can take you on a journey.
They can inspire you,
to open your eyes to information,
to open your mind with education.

To raise your game.
And arouse your aspirations.

Pique your curiosity.
And ignite your inspirations.

They can be your reason why.
The grit behind the try.

That’s what an evening with WordTheatre can do for you.

Have a beautiful night.

by Anthony Stoker

“When I fall asleep,
my hands leave me.
They pick up pens
and draw creatures
with five feathers
on each wing…”

Excerpt from ‘Hands’ : Siv Cedering

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