It’s in the care within which
something’s been made.
The manner in which
a game must be played.

The passion, and respect,
and the desire to create.
A product to admire.
Dessert irresistible to taste.

It’s in the care that’s put in
to the scent that you like.
It’s the time that you take
to take care of your psyche.

It’s the pride of your poise
in your favourite pair.
The attention to detail
in the dress that you wear.

The delight in the craft,
made with unique intent.
Lovingly made for
the people it’s meant.

It’s the value of time
that’s been patiently taken.
The journey involved.
The idea awakened.

It’s the energy in music.
an essence in a lyric.
A connecting journey.
Feel the resonance click.

Whether it’s the choice of music,
or the taste of your food.
There’s a reason you choose
the choice that you do.

There’s meaning attached
to everything that we do.
In what we see,
and what we try.
In how we feel,
and what we buy.

What do your shoes mean to you ?

“When you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving in you,
a joy.”


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