“We were all hungry, but it was Elizabeth who realised our true starvation.
For connection. The company of other people. For fellowship.”
– Dawsey Adams explained.

With the amount of notes in my phone,
I frequently forget what they’re about.
There’s more on my laptop.
It would be a good idea to have them in sync.
All I’d have to do, is just connect the two.

Each of the notes represent a connection.
Something I’ve seen, or heard… or read.
Something worth noting.

Yesterday, I found a note from months ago.
It read; ‘peel pie society.’
With no idea what it meant, like any good note taker, I googled it.

A film;
‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.’
And so, I watched it.
Because it was something worth noting.
Even if I couldn’t remember why.

In it, an exchange of letters is brought about by a scribbled address in a found book…

“Our Friday night book club became a refuge to us, a private freedom to feel…
needing only a candle to see new worlds unfold.
That’s what we found in our Society.”
– Dawsey Adams had continued.

“Perhaps there’s some sort of homing instincts in books that brings them to their perfect readers.”
– Juliet Ashton had wondered, before asking Dawsey about the Society.

It’s about what feels like home.
Where feels like home.
Who feels like home.

An excerpt from David Leppan’s instagram post resonated;
“We meet people for a reason.
If you can live with open eyes, 
an open heart, and an open mind, 
everything is much simpler.”

While it’s easy to share our every moment with the world.
It’s when we connect that truly matters.

The connection to a time, not a moment too soon.
The connection to wonder, when we look up at the moon.

A connection to courage, to overcome a fear.
A connection with others, that shapes an idea.

The feeling of frisson, when excitement appears.
When desired attraction, suddenly draws near.

The connection of presence, of someone we miss.
The connection of feeling, when lovers kiss.

The sights we see.
The emotions we feel.

The connection of things inspires creativity.
Creativity inspires stories.
Stories inspire connection.

“Nothing happens in isolation… Everything in the universe is interrelated.” 
: Madeleine L’Engle.

Thank you for reading.

And have a beautiful night.

Anthony Stoker

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