“Everyone is just walking too fast,
and they’re missing things as they go.”
– the well-dressed, elderly, Japanese gentleman responded.

To appreciate something,
to absorb and admire.
An image or a moment,
to connect with your soul,
happens slowly.
The only true luxury,
is the luxury of time.


It was during one of Tim Ferriss’ podcasts’;
he asked Jason Fried for one of his favourite quotes…
To explain, Jason (at 2hrs in if you’re intrigued) recounted an experience at the
Philip Johnson Glasshouse, where he’d been invited to a summit on simplicity.

Gravitating towards that Japanese gentleman,
he chose to walk with him.
At the very back.
The last of the group.

The gentleman indicated to an area on the ground.
He pointed out all the beauty he could seen that small patch.
The flowers, the insects …
I paraphrase; “Yes, other people in the group are walking faster,
but look at everything they’re missing.”

When you take a moment,
from the haste,
to appreciate the taste.

When you stop,
for a while,
to appreciate the style.

When you break,
for a time,
to appreciate the rhyme.

In whatever you’re doing,
don’t forget to enjoy the journey.
The only true luxury,
is that of our time.

The quote ?

“In the hopes of reaching the moon, 
we fail to see the flowers that blossom at our feet.”
: Albert Schweitzer.

Image atop of ‘Reverence’ sandal from ANTHONY STOKER first collection

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