“Empathy is quality of character that can change the world.”
: Barack Obama

From Eminem to Harper Lee
Tupac Shakur to Presley.
Each referred to walk a mile or two.
To imagine life in someone else’s shoes.

It came to me while eating toast.
The morning after the Sunday Roast.
Once my mind had to time to ruminate.
For my thoughts on the debate.

Understanding of what means so much to them.
To convey what means so much to you.
Why someone wants what they want.
why someone does what they do.

Take a moment.
Walk a mile or two.
Imagine life
in someone else’s shoes.

It inspires human bells to ring.
Raises hopes and hearts to sing.
That empathy is everything.

A Quality of Character

One of my favourite podcasts is called
Everything Is Alive.
The subject of interviews are inanimate objects.
It invites you to look at things from a different perspective;
a perspective you wouldn’t normally imagine.

To me, it’s about empathy.

And it’s delivered with humour.
My initial favourite was Maeve the Lamppost,
although the recent released Connor the Painting is running close.

“Could a greater miracle take place
than for us to look though
each other’s eyes for an instant.”

: Henry David Thoreau.

Detail of ‘Temptation‘ : sandal from the first collection.

Thank you for reading.

And have a beautiful night.

Anthony Stoker

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