Photograph of Honey Dijon by Ricardo Gomes – Wonderland Magazine

“I’m a Gemini so having extreme differences works for me.”
: Honey Dijon

I’m not a clubber, and yet I totally appreciate what Honey does
and the feeling she creates.
It was her answer to the question about longevity in the
Wonderland interview that resonated for me.
She seems like a character full of soul;
“Perseverance and not letting someone else’s “no” be your “no”
and to just continue doing your own thing and follow your own journey,
there are going to be times when you don’t make the kind of money
you wish you were making or have the visibility that you wish you had,
but then the question is: are you doing these things to be an artist
or are you doing these things to be an entertainer?.”

Local Flavour

I too am a Gemini, and also find the differences in the world fascinating.
Local food are one of the cherished pleasures of travelling.
The open air restaurants on the roadsides of Thailand one of my personal favourites.
Bolognese in Bologna is another.
When you eat the local speciality,
it feels like you can taste the depth of a place,
not only the flavour of the food.
A character, full of soul.

I love Italian food.
There’s a feeling of family.
It’s one of the benefits of making shoes in Italy,
second only to their shoemaking craftsmanship, of course.

Not so long ago, I learned that Venice is built on wooden pillars,
(apparently more than ten million tree trunks),
upon a group of 118 small islands.
With only canals and pathways, it’s truly unique.
We appreciate this uniqueness.
It fascinates us.

The disappointment when I first saw a McD’s in Venice, was indelible.
Something that looks the same everywhere
in a city with so much unique character.

Full of Soul

The character is important.
When you’re eating, flavour is key,
you want to taste the food.
Like with music, when Honey Dijon says;
“… for me it’s important to listen to music with a lot of musicality to it…
I need to hear singers and horns and brass, I need to hear the music, you know.”
Honey Dijon (pictured above) is a DJ.
Born in Chicago, based out of New York, and Berlin.
During an interview with Adam Wray for ,
while initially referencing music, she spoke to that spread of sameness…
and referenced the similarity in fashion;
“There’s no discernment anymore. Even fashion has changed for me…
I kind of miss when there were tribes of people that spoke different languages.
It’s the same in every city.
It’s going to taste the same, and it’s going to look the same.”

… and speaking to a sense of discovery,
to finding something rare, a cherished find.

“I miss the days when I would go to London and I had to buy certain things in London.” 
mentions Honey.

“I miss the community of record stores, running into my peers,
being introduced to music that I normally wouldn’t listen to.
I find what the internet has really done is close people’s minds.
We have all of this information, but people only look for things that they know
or that they’re comfortable with.”

The Role of Place

“We’re losing some of that local flavour.”
: Austin Kleon.

Austin refers to this feeling too, during a chat (at 51mins in) with Chase Jarvis (#150);
“It’s fun to find the character in cities …”
“… I think the internet has homogenised culture.”

With every step that we take,
And every route that we stroll.
Appreciate the difference.
Of each and every soul.
The different paths that we take.
The different rocks that we roll.

Thank you for reading.

Have a beautiful night.

Anthony Stoker

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