“Love, creativity and opportunity is in the air.
Take it in and do your thing”
: Lenny Kravitz

I used to go to New York quite frequently.
Work took me there for short visits.
Sometimes I’d stay a few extra days and
crash on my friend Arnold’s floor.
I’d explore the city while he went to work.

I loved to visit a particular Cuban diner,
on the corner of Elizabeth and Prince.
I’d found it on one of my first visits,
in the really early 2000’s,
while wandering the streets curiously.

The aluminium front appealed.
Seemed like a perfect place to chill.
Eating at the counter.
A quesadilla,
rice, and black beans.
It was quiet, and the food was delicious.
A postcard with the bill.

The feeling was local.
Like it was part of the community.
And it was unique.

When I got home to the UK,
I turned on the tv
and there it was,   
in Lenny Kravitz’s video for ‘Again’.
Maybe it had been filmed the previous year.
It wasn’t going to be quiet for much longer.

Memorable moments
are full of ingredients.
The place or a person
A taste or a smell.
Sounds in the background.
A story to tell.

Being the Curious type

I wondered if I still had one of those postcards.
It turns out I do; the image at the top.
On the reverse side, it credits the photographer as Shawn Holoubek.
I love credit where credit‘s due.
And I imagine that Shawn is or was part of that community in Nolita.

Curiouser still, I found this article,

He used to live in the area with his partner Analisa.
They’ve since moved to La Quinta, California
– as I understand it from the article, to be closer to Analisa’s parents –
and opened a beautiful lifestyle boutique called…
“Elizabeth & Prince.”

A thought or a notion
can inspire a trip.
To taste an experience,
at least requires a sip.
An intriguing scent
that attracts your nose.
A curiosity of mind,
to go with your flow.
That inner urge,
that compels your toes,
to follow that instinct,
to wherever it goes.

I might send them a postcard.

Thank you for reading.

Have a beautiful night.

Anthony Stoker

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