“There is a morning inside you,
waiting to burst open in to light.”

: Rumi

A few weeks ago, I thought about taking
the Sunrise sandal to meet it’s inspiration.
I wanted to illustrate some of the influences.
To convey connection and meaning in my shoes;
When Sunrise meets Sunrise.
Connecting the two.

Being up so early in the morning 
gives you a different perspective on things.
It’s a light that you don’t often see.
Peacefully watching nature perform.

My eyes opened wide.
Half an hour before dawn
The sky crystal clear
The day not quite born.

It’s a quiet moment,
in a noisy world.
A time to appreciate,
before the action unfurls.

I thought of the sunrise.
The beautiful sphere.
To see it arise
To see it appear.

I stretch out my body
from the sheets of my bed.
To awaken my mind;
imagination, be fed.

To see the sun rise
With my own eyes.
See it slowly, and patiently
taking it’s time.
Seeming to rise from the ground …

It’s time to shine.

Full of Inspirations

One thing I’d never realised.
What I thought was weird.
Was it doesn’t rise in the east
at this time of year.

As sure as my heart
beats in my chest.
I thought it rises in the east
And sets in the west.

That’s what I’d always been taught.
That’s what I thought I knew.
It’s better to be curious,
to find out what’s true.

So, at this time of year
It’s in the north east
the sun arises.
The natural world
is full of surprises.

A sunrise isn’t just a sunrise.
It’s the start of a new day
It can open our mind
in the most beautiful way.

Not only a sunrise,
it’s also a shoe.
Full of inspirations;
I designed them,
just for you.

“The melody rolled over her,
as cool and sweet as water,
as hopeful and lovely as sunrise.”

: Cassandra Clare

Thank you for reading.

Have a beautiful night.

Anthony Stoker

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