From Milla Jovovich’s album The Divine Comedy;
‘Desire of Light’ (detail) by Alexey Steele.

“I care not where my body may take me
as long as my soul is embarked on a meaningful journey.”
: Dante Alighieri

The Divine Comedy,
Notes of folklore.
An album I loved.
The music I adored.
A book by the bedside.
Not to be ignored.

Awareness of the signs.
Coming for a reason.
Appreciate the time.
Irrespective of the season.

Dante’s sense of Limerence.
For Beatrice his muse;
the inspiration for his words.
All encompassing his view.

During one of my journeys to the factory in Italy,
I stayed for a night in Bologna.
In a bed and breakfast.
On the top floor of an historic building
on the Piazza de’ Calderini,
not far from the Basilica.

By the side of the bed was a copy of
Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy; Inferno.

Milla Jovovich’s “The Divine Comedy”,
one of my favourite albums,
was named after that very book.

Beatrice The Muse

Beatrice Portinari was Dante’s true love.
Albeit one he apparently only met twice in his life.
The first of which when he was nine,
and she was eight.
The second, fleetingly; nine years later.

In his epic poem Divine Comedy,
divided in to three parts,
Dante expresses his exalted and spiritual love for Beatrice.
She appears as one of his guides throughout;
as his intercessor in the Inferno,
as his purpose in travelling through Purgatorio,
and his guide through Paradiso.

Beatrice also served as inspiration
for one of his other great works;
La Vita Nuova;
the prose referred to as Dante’s libello, or ‘little book’.

His feelings for her;
An infatuated, all-absorbing passion.
One that’s unrequited.
And likened to those of limerence.

She was, in essence, his muse.

Stirring Inspiration

Inspirational goddesses
from Greek mythology.
Calliope to Melpomene
Illuminate the mind to see.
Embodied in the arts;
daughters of memory.

Revealing new found feeling.
That brings your mind to song.
A muse inspires new passion.
The idea that you belong.
Embracing your emotions.
They stir your soul along.

“The more souls who resonate together,
the greater the intensity of their love…
and, mirror-like… each soul reflects the other.
: Dante Alighieri

Thank you for reading.

Have a beautiful night.

Anthony Stoker

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