Focus and Vision : 2020

Happy New Year !

I’d wanted to post this for New Year,
on January 1st,
but when the words weren’t flowing,
(or was it a lack of focus?)
I thought …
Focus is not just for New Year,
it’s for the long term,
it’s for every day.

The self discipline of focus,
of ignoring the numerous distractions,
… especially the ones my own mind creates
which can seem the most interesting
and most important …
feels like one of the most
difficult challenges these days.

But it’s worth the effort,
the sense of getting things done,
and the feeling of flow.

Though I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions,
I do like the look of this year.
It has a nice balance to it.
It feels like clarity, and not just for the ‘vision’ pun.

The word ‘twenty’ has a lucidity to it.
And the fact that it’s repeated
shows a certain confidence.
It’s going to be so good they named it twice.

Back to the focus,
back to the vision.
To what feels right,
whatever your mission.

Maintain your aim,
Your purpose, your goal.
In contact with what excites
and nourishes your soul.

Keep taking steps forward.
Distractions aside.
One step at a time,
with eyes open wide.


Above image by Alexandru Zdrobau on Unsplash

The Vision Inside

Not just the vision
of eyes that seem green.
But the clarity of belief.
of what can’t yet be seen.

The vision from inside
without all the noise.
A mindful idea.
The values it employs.

Always with passion
always with soul.
Let it all flow
towards your goal.

“Always go with your passions.
Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not.”

: Deepak Chopra

Above image by Kyran Aldworth on Unsplash

Focus Expands Our Experience

With focus we achieve
a presence of mind
and realise our goals.
What we focus on gets bigger.

The Hawk above
(or it might be an Eagle?.. or a Falcon?)
has exceptional eyesight.
It’s vision is the most important
of the senses; the most critical.

It’s hearing is the second most important;
ears hidden behind feathers,
providing awareness,
yet keeping noise to the periphery.

The eyes wide open,
excel in the perception
of slight motion and fine detail.

An indented fovea magnifies
the centre of their visual field,
expanding the central focus.

Looking for focus, I found this quote;

“Whatever we focus our attention on
will expand our experience.
If we focus on cultivating the higher qualities
of love, compassion, joy and peace,
they will expand – not only in our lives,
but also in the world beyond.”

: Deepak Chopra

Wishing you a focused and peaceful year ahead !
One day at a time.

Thank you for reading.

Have a beautiful night.

Anthony Stoker

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