A few weeks ago, sitting on the couch,

I finished reading Anne┬áLamott’s book,
‘Bird by Bird.’
When I finished reading it,
I closed the book
feeling entertained and satisfied.
I thought about all the parts that resonated,
and even inspired.

There can be a moment of contemplation,
when you set the book to one side.
And you think about what you’ve just read.
About the unique connection
between you
and the contents of the book.
It may only be a moment,
but it’s your moment.


In the online world,
it feels like a different story …
just as you’re coming to the end
of the content you’re consuming,
there’s a link to sweep you forward,
in to the next.

The insatiable content
seems to leave you feeling …
anything but content.


Dopamine hits,
or a youtube fix.
With a link to be followed,
or some bait to be clicked.

“Must have now.”
“Don’t miss out.”
“before you go,
why not watch this ? …”

A textual teaser.
A visual pleaser.
So much distraction.
All the Calls To Action.

What surrounds the content,
creates the insatiable desire.
The want, not the need,
to consume more than we require.

Does too much of
this CONtent,
lead to DIScontent?
Oh, the Irony of Content.

CONtent vs conTENT

In Westwood’s well documented quote;
“Buy Less, Choose Well,
Make It Last,
Quality not Quantity.”
Vivienne was talking about clothes.

Yet it feels relevant to more than that;
from the clothes that we wear
to the food that we eat.

CONtent vs conTENT,
Beware of where
the emphasis.
One can be,
a state of bliss,
the other …
it’s likely nemesis.

The irony upon irony,
that THIS IS content,
is not lost on me

Blissful view by the sea.

Heels worth wearing. Stories worth sharing.

Thank you for reading…
and if you feel so inclined,
please share with a friend
who may come to mind.

Have a beautiful night.

Anthony Stoker

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