“It was Birch talking to Fir.”

Ecologist Professor Suzanne Simard
was talking about trees in her
TED talk of June 2016 …
about “…this massive below-ground
communications network…
the other world.”

It’s only when we manage to take time
away from the hustle,
away from the noise
and listen to our essence,
that it feels like our soul
puts together a jigsaw;
so that we can see
our own picture more clearly.

The beauty of journaling
is that it seems to help
bring the jigsaw pieces together.


When I first heard that trees
actually communicate with each other,
care for each other,
nourish each other
imparting wisdom
sharing information
for their nearest and dearest,
it felt like a room of wonders
had opened up.

I feel like they’ve been talking to me recently,
not in English obviously!
But metaphorically.

They seem to have been appearing
in my jigsaw pieces …

– The underlying thread throughout The OA,
which I recently devoured in a few sittings…
and while trying to make sense of the ending,
led me onto…

– Professor Simard’s fascinating
TED talk
about the harmonious
yet complicated social lives of trees.

– My friend Louise Duncan
who runs a company called TetraMap,
which uses nature as a metaphor to illustrate
“… how we communicate, collaborate
and connect with each other.”

– The Good Timber poem
which I bookmarked a couple of months ago.

– And the Hometree
and Tree Of Souls in Avatar,
which I watched again over the weekend.

ScreenShot of the Tree Of Souls from Avatar

“Everything you see
has roots in the unseen world.
The forms change
yet the essence remains the same.”
: Rumi

A tree stays in one place
and manages to support
it’s family and friends,
it’s network a cohort.

In one place they stay,
while they continue to grow,
Absorbing input
consistent, but slow.

Imparting wisdom
with a natural flow.
Inspiring ideas
as they sway to and fro.

Calm and assured.
Connections difficult to see.
Harmoniously courteous;
the generous tree.

Thanks to technology we also can
communicate with the world from one place.
We can receive food and wisdom.
We can share ideas and entertainment.

It can be a harmonious connection,
while we help by staying home.

Life is more
than what we see.
It’s what we sense,
and what we feel.

It’s what we choose to learn,
and what we choose to be.

We can learn a lot from a tree.

Heels worth wearing. Stories worth sharing.

Thank you for reading…
and if you feel so inclined,
please share with a friend
who may come to mind.

Have a beautiful night.

Anthony Stoker

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