“… to touch deeply,
so we can realise
we are already home
: Thich Nhat Hanh

One morning a few weeks ago,
I was reading a few emails,
and scanning through some media.

And even though the streets were quiet …
The world felt noisy.

Too many opinions
Too many voices.

So many platforms
And live-streaming choices.

So I turned off notifications.
On all my applications.

The antidote to this mood?
I turned my mind to food.


… and I like to make it slowly.

As I sliced into the tomato
and felt the texture of the skin.
For the first time, I think ever,
I truly noticed what lay within.

Fascinated by the seeds
and the glisten of the juice.
This sensuous shape from nature.
And the taste it would induce.

There’s a definite joy in being,
so utterly absorbed.
Immersed within the journey,
the fruition a reward.

The wonder of a tomato
and the beauty of it’s essence;
had captured my attention
with a total sense of presence.

“People look for greatness
only in the extraordinary,
and completely overlook
the wonder of the ordinary.”

: Ann Tatlock

My tomato slice – pre Guacamole

Events can feel unsettling.
The noise that goes astray.
If we focus on the present,
we can keep the noise at bay.

What we seed in the present
helps to create a future.
Attending to this moment
and take it day by day.

The possibilities that lie ahead,
when we sow the seeds today.
Focus on the present,
and allow the soul to play.

For the shape of your tomorrow.
Cherish your everyday.

“Isn’t it funny how day by day
nothing changes,
but when you look back,
everything is different.”

: C S Lewis

Heels worth wearing. Stories worth sharing.

Thank you for reading…
and if you feel so inclined,
please share with a friend
who may come to mind.

Have a beautiful night.

Anthony Stoker

Title image by Charles “Duck” Unitas on Unsplash

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