Only having red white and black colours …
Guitar, drums and vocals …
storytelling, melody and rhythm …
revolving all these things …
around the number three … 

all these components,
force us to create
: Jack White

With our present ‘situation’
my mind chose to peruse,
on the space that we inhabit,
our time, and how we use.

One constraint we’ve always had
is the amount of time each day.
For longer than living memory.
It’s only ever been that way.

How we choose to spend it.
To what we choose to pay.
Inside our minds it’s endless
in the most amazing way.

‘Think outside the box’;
is advice that’s often given.
Yet what lies inside I wonder.
What else can we envision.

In these days of being,
confined inside our homes.
The opportunity to create,
within the space in which we roam.

Ideas left unexplored.
Words we’ve left unspoken.
A dish that’s never served.
A book that’s yet to open.

Explore what can be found
within this situation.
“The enemy of art …  said Welles
… is the absence of limitations.”

Jack White talking about creativity from constraints


With this notion of constraint,
and a mindset to learn and play,
I was inspired by Japanese Haiku.
And to write one, each day in May.

It’s a short form of Japanese poetry
And is limited to three phrases,
and characterised by three qualities;

– Seventeen phonetic sounds (on)
– An essence of cutting (kiru).
– A reference to a moment
in time or season (kigo).

It’s been said to have
a circular essence.
A pattern to encourage a reprise.
Like each day that comes around,
Sunrise to sunset,
to sunrise.

“Every person takes the limits
of their field of vision
for the limits of the world.”

: Arthur Schopenhauer

Heels worth wearing. Stories worth sharing.

Thank you for reading…
and if you feel so inclined,
please share with a friend
who may come to mind.

Have a beautiful night.

Anthony Stoker

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