Being totally absorbed in the moment,
immersed in the peace of a puzzle,
can bring a beautiful sense of calm.

is a lovely sounding word,
with an uncertain feeling.
It’s meaning probably sums up
how some of us have been feeling
these last six months.

A couple of weeks ago,
I watched  ‘Puzzle’ .
It’s a beautifully crafted film in which
Kelly MacDonalds’ character Agnes
discovers her passion
for solving jigsaw puzzles.

The film implies that in the midst
of feeling discombobulated,
jigsaw puzzles give us an opportunity
to have some element of control.

“ … when you complete a puzzle,
when you finish it,
it’s like – you know that you’ve made
all the right choices.
No matter how many wrong pieces
you tried to fit into the wrong place,
at the very end
everything makes one perfect picture.
I know it sounds simplistic but –
Why would I ever want to deny myself
that kind of feeling?“

They can be incredibly absorbing,
peaceful and therapeutic.

A sense of satisfaction
as you find the right piece
and find the right place.

I guess it should be no surprise
that sales for puzzles
soared during lockdown.

In the film,
one of the two main characters
describes their approach to solving them;

Pouring all the pieces on to the table.
Walking around the edge …
“…. You get more perspective this way.
You see puzzle pieces without the glare.
You see patterns you might
not have seen from your chair …  “

“It’s not what you look at that matters.
It’s what you see.”

: Henry David Thoreau


The process of creativity can feel similar.

Laying thoughts on the table,
and explore how they fit.
Interweaving ideas
see how they knit.

Take a walk in the park
Allow the shapes to rotate.
With different perspective.
See how they debate.

With any challenge,
we can find a way through.
We might just need to look
from a different view.

A fascinating short film showing a different perspective of Picasso at work.


Sometimes it takes a while,
for the picture to appear.
For things to make sense,
For it all to come clear.

Lay out all the pieces
Engage with a few.
Turn some around.
For a different view.

As the elements combine
and the picture takes shape.
A sense of encouragement
from the steps that we take.

It’s the pieces of the puzzle.
And the places we find.
Some are laid bare.
Some in the mind.

The change in perspective,
with different eyes.
We can see how things fit.
New routes to devise.

An opportunity to change.
Only movement can solve.
Make the first step
and see what evolves.

A sense of momentum.
The great leap of faith.
Acknowledge discomfort
the misperception of safe.

It feels good to step forward
to make the next move.
The willing to try.
And nothing to prove.

If we don’t start with something
it can’t evolve in to anything.

Heels worth wearing. Stories worth sharing.

Thank you for reading…
and if you feel so inclined,
please share with a friend
who may come to mind.

Have a beautiful night.

Anthony Stoker

from New Letters 4th September, 2020.

Title image by Gabriel Crismariu on Unsplash

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