Photograph by Anthony Stoker


Like a shift in the light
or the tenacity
of a flower
that finds its way through
if it’s allowed to breathe
there is always
another thought
or idea
to seed.

Like the vine
that finds
its wandering line
over the arches
and across the walls,
a story weaves
into your life
just as waters will flow
and apples will fall.

And they can be ripe
and they can be juicy.
Filled with your thoughts
and how your soul sees,
rippling with fruit
that shine between leaves.
Abundant with notes
that flourish when teased,
like the currents
swirling around lochs
and drifting
through quays.
Each one like a butterfly
dancing on the breeze.

What will you share
from your wonderful life?

By Anthony Stoker