Crop of a photograph by my niece Sarah


For all the juice we find
when we’re looking for signs,
there will always be more
when given the time.
Like the ripening of fruit
attached to the vine.

Soak up all the scenes
you need
when you go for a walk.
Make space for ideas
to breed
when you go for a walk.
And freshly made crumble
with ice cream
simply served with a fork.

Some chords
play a tune
inside your mind.
And some scenes
play a song
into your heart.
Sometimes it doesn’t need
to be new,
to be loving the old.
We can always be
loving the warm
as well as the cold.
And the days
never really unfold
in a straight line.
No matter what the calendar says,
there is no behind.

Every once in a while
take more than a moment
to reflect with a smile,
and absorb
the infinite bliss.

By Anthony Stoker