STORY - Anthony Stoker

Experiences, elements … moments.

A meeting at The Photographers’ Gallery, turning the pages of a book, finding a quote about blossom representing new beginnings.
Producing something for the love of it and creating your own path.

Taking photographs of the blossom trees near my home, reflected those feelings.

The Vladimir Kush print bought on impulse in 2001.

Thumbing through my vinyl collection and appreciating the cover artwork; an indelible part of the experience, before enjoying what’s inside…
memories rekindled with browsing Mat Maitland’s Leopard Tree Dream.

Reading from a book I’d bought after visiting an exhibition of Peter Saville’’s work. The inspiration behind the ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ artwork struck a chord… a postcard of ‘A Basket of Roses’ by Henri Fantin-Latour.
Seeking a similar link to traditional technique.

A chance encounter with artist Yuliya Lennon, while she was recreating a Velazquez in the National Gallery.

With the photographs of the blossom as inspiration, she produced such a gracefully elegant painting, applying the authentic techniques of the masters. 
Applied to the hand-made packaging, with the dimensions of an album cover, complete with provenance; because it matters.
The product sliding out; simulating the experience from the world of music.

Wrapped in a hand-rolled silk scarf, akin to the Japanese tradition of Furoshiki; aspiring to give my customer a unique experience.

Elegant footwear crafted entirely in Italy, within a family run factory whom I feel at home with.

Inspired by the worlds of art & music; with reverence and longevity in heart and mind.


Anthony Stoker